Fibbi Tea ! Rishton kay Rang, Fibbi Kay Sang !


Cardamom Tea Recipe

1st Step
Boil Water at 100` C
2nd Step
Add 1-2 Table Spoon of Fibbi Cardamom Tea for 2 Cups
3rd Step
Bring it on a Brew for 5 minutes
4th Step
Add Milk and Sugar

Enjoy refreshing Fibbi Cardamom Tea!

Saffron Tea Recipe

1st step:
Bring the water to boil
2nd step:
Add one tablespoon of Fibbi Saffron Tea for one cup
3rd Step:
Brew, Brew, and Brew for good 5 minutes
4th Step:
Add milk and sugar according to the taste

Have a cup of saffron tea at home!

Green Tea Recip

1st step
Boil the water (100`)
2nd Step
Add fibbi cinnamon Green Tea
3rd Step
Brew for 3 minutes
4th Step
Add sugar as desired

Enjoy your lightweight Fibbi Green Tea!

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