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Fibbi is a name of innovation in K-Town featuring unique combination of Keyan and Darjeeling blends which was never introduced in Pakistan. Our exceptional taste is the main factor why customers rush to our stores. Fibbi started a trend of Cardamom Tea which is now popular all over Karachi. Our stores are operational 24/7 with ten branches in Karachi and Faisalabad with variety of products. Fibbi is the second home to the Tea lovers with packed tea products to take home to satisfy their Tea cravings. With its unique aroma and taste, Fibbi expanded its ways to cater all Tea lovers and make a one stop shop for daily chai needs.


With the growing tea industry all over the world, Fibbi is moving
with a mission to provide organic tea with leaf teas and herbs for Tea lovers
in K-Town. Our vision is to establish Fibbi as the premium seller of fine Tea
in the world by maintaining its quality and taste.


Following our goals, Fibbi moving with an aim of providing
hygienic, tasteful and soothing Tea to our customers with outstanding service,
our team members with worthwhile career possibilities, our stakeholders with
high value, and our communities with good impacts.


C1 dittari villas bath island clifton Karachi.

Phone : +92 312 2747752

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